These are the sorts of coaching I offer:

Creativity coaching

Types of Life Coaching

For artists, writers, musicians, performers or anyone who wants to be more creative in their profession or hobby. If you want to be more productive, more focussed, more out there with your work, coaching with me can provide you with the support you need. I am an artist and understand the particular challenges creative people face. I am familiar with the cycles and complexities of the creative process. You may be experiencing lack of confidence, procrastination, distraction, fear, apathy or frustration. You may be embarking on a demanding new project and would benefit from intensive support to help you complete it with confidence and clarity. Creativity coaching can give you a new framework, help you sequence your work, help you become more focussed and disciplined, and give you more confidence in your own talent and unique contribution.

Coaching in times of deep transition

There are times in our lives when we have to completely reinvent ourselves. Having a child, getting divorced, menopause and retirement are examples of letting go of an old identity and having to forge a new one. These events and processes can be frightening and disorientating. We can suffer from depression, anxiety, confusion and doubt. We are experiencing a death and a rebirth, but in our culture there is little to guide us through and hold us. Coaching can give you a place of support and stability while you ride the waves of turbulence. I can help you look forward and create new goals and pursue new activities, while increasing your self confidence. I am particularly interested in helping women through the menopausal transition, as this can be especially tough physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can help you move from feeling invisible and past it to feeling vibrant, creative, confident and powerful, in the second prime of your life.

Image coaching and consulting

Life Coaching Leeds different types

I am a trained Image Consultant, this means I can help you choose clothes that make you feel more confident, attractive and centred. Image coaching will start with colour – looking at your skin tone and hair colour, and helping you find colours, fabrics and textures to suit you. This will make you look instantly younger, healthier and more vibrant. Then we will look at style: what will balance your proportions and make you look slimmer. I can show you how to emphasise the aspects of your body shape you like, and what styles can minimise or disguise things you are less happy about. We can also look at accessories, for example choosing spectacles to suit your face shape. Glasses can be expensive, and you wear them a lot of the time,you want to be confident that you look good in them.

Image coaching will help you look and feel confident and attractive and will save you the cost many times over. How much money have you spent on clothes you never wear? You can have a wardrobe that works and always be sure your clothes express your essence.

Spiritual coaching

How I work with coaching clients in Leeds

We live in a spiritual supermarket. The 21st century is a time when, as never before, meditation and practices from all sorts of spiritual traditions are readily available and we can pick and choose our gurus, books, techniques and music. But are they helping us become more peaceful, wise, compassionate and grounded? Many people are searching for something but not finding it despite the goods on offer. The spiritual path can be confusing, bewildering and unsatisfying, with many pitfalls and false starts.

There is a way through the maze and I can help you to find it. I have experience in various spiritual traditions: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sufi. I am also familiar with the work of many contemporary spiritual teachers from various paths, and have completed a course with Thomas Hubl, a contemporary mystic who is remarkable in his clarity and wisdom. I have studied the work of Jung, and find his ideas invaluable for guiding those who want to look inwards. I have had a meditation practice for over 30 years, and am interested in working with people who are serious about spiritual practice. If you are seeking your own path, want more insight and feel confused and sometimes overwhelmed, coaching can help you find the way forward. That could be one or a combination of more traditional religions, or a more individual intuitive and exploratory path.

If you are interested in any of these types of coaching, find out more about how I work.